Acoustic guitar or Electric guitar??

Small But Very Amazing Guitar Pick-UP!!

Its Sure that u must have heard a Rock Band and listing to those amazing electric guitar chords which sound stunningly outstanding……n so did i…..but u know…..i was having acoustic one not the electric....

But Last Sunday,i found a component called Peizo-electric sensor…which is used to sense Vibrations and converte them itno the electric signals…..BINGOO!!!! Thats What i all neened!!…

Wasting No seconds i have this thing which i called Amazing Pick-UP which now delevers my aocusting signal to the compuer…where i converted them and by using a virtual i used to play those amazing Rock Song…Including the One Of my fav… Linkin Park-Numb!…Just Love this song….if you wanna know about guitar tutorial..dont get discouraged cauz very soon i am going to post my tutorials on this blog..keep cheking it!!!


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