Amazing people around me

Throughout your life from the day you were born, people come and touch  your life. Some good, some bad and some totally amazing!! I’m using the word amazing because not only they make you feel good but also bring smiles onto your face. Having such personalities who not only catches your mind but show how the real men should be! Set an example for you from where you can learn a lot of things! and so it happened to me.

One thing I can bet upon, I am blessed with incredible friends and family and I do mean it!!

Its true that nobody’s perfect, but its also true that everyone is unique and has some sort of specialty in which he excels his field, which is worth its weight in gold. These people are my inspirations. I generally don’t tell these things  but really respect them and strive to achieve that level of perfection just like them.Its a long list, but each one of them is surely a masterpiece of their own kind.

Friends are really..REALLY important part of ones life.They tease you,abuse you (specially guys 😛 ) but at the end of the day they  teach you  important lessons of your life and in most of the times it happens unknowingly!

That’s true, they might not be knowing what they spread but I know these things need no medium.It crosses your heart and mind unconsciously!!…but the main thing is…it happens!!

One shows you how a simple smile can make huge difference in your and others lives, another shows you what perfection and hard work means,one shows how never surrendering can get you any task, one shows the real standards of thoughts and principles and what a strong character and personality means,one shows how can you be sweet and easy going.One shows what simple living and being down to earth means.One shows how energetic and exiting things can be in life is you think of it that way! One who shows how to overcome hard times of life and is a perfect example of man of steel!

And finally your family, who never gives upon you!!… and these are who whose opinion should matter to you! No one else can ever take place of these people in your life!!..

These people are my inspirations and this is the only reason which makes me believe in God. I don’t know what’s there in my future, but one thing I know I’ll make a good fist of whatever I’ve learned from them.

I’m thankful to these people and will always be.. 🙂


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