Life’s an illusion, God The illusionist. Period.


So far, every one of us has some kind of conception about life, like what’s life and how we are supposed to accept it.Some take it as a race, a journey with lots of ups and downs and some think its all about luck and fate. If you fall in any of the stipulated group of people, don’t worry. It’s just the way we are told to believe in.That’s what we heard from so long.Right? Well, You have been duped. When? Why? The two most obvious questions that you’ll be thinking of, right now. Let me try to explain them.

The ‘When’

Belive it or not, most of us ,infact all of us (..I too!) have some kind of  ‘Rules for Settling Down‘  which is a collection of bogus rules we use when we don’t want ourselves to be blamed.Which serves the purpose of keeping us always, always on the correct side which is, actually, the safer side.But that’s what actually pushes us to more dark and unfortunate side.We keep writing and adding new rules to our settling down book and we hardly stand up to face the bitter realities but what we do is simply keeping us away from these critical situations where we have to show courage and fight for our belief.

The ‘Why’

Important question but with a simple answer, lack of belief. What I’ve found so far, life is all about luck and fate belief and our way of looking at things, our attitude and theirs no big secret in it.We all know.But we are not guided how to act actually.We are only told to behave in expected way.Don’t take risks.Dream high but don’t look into the sky.Got wings, good but don’t even dare to fly off the cliff.It’s not our fault but fearing impede our actions, leading us to frustration and stress which keeps coming day by day and we finally end up with ‘Rules for Settling Down‘, Unfortunate!
Actual rules are interestingly simple enough, heard many times over one’s life like

Belive in Yourself.

Be what you want to be.

Never, never, never give up.

But what makes it hard is up to which extent we follow and believe in it and the creator,The God just to make sure that you are actually what you really think you are, he presents before you, the best illusions which shocks your thoughts to the inner core.Which looks totally real and you feel things outside behave differently for which you have to make shifts in you thoughts and start according to what you see.But to get disillusioned or stay steady with your morals and beliefs, that’s up to you which makes the whole difference. ..Stay strong, believe in yourself!.Life’s an illusion and God The illusionist. Period.

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